Very Useful Pockets Home

Hey sister! Ever wondered what to do with ESSENTIAL items when you want to go somewhere without your handbag or wallet or ending up as the star performer in a female crisis?

Friends out for the day.

Essential items often come in small sizes.

Instead of lining up dress designers against the wall ready for the squad – I am going to celebrate them. Their design flaw – that is, nowhere to put really essential items in our clothes – has seen the birth of brand new cutting edge technology.

Ask just about any woman, and one of the biggest frustrations of many ready-to-wear garments is the lack of truly functional pockets. Pockets are handy for keeping your essentials within easy reach.

The lack of pockets in women’s clothes is a big problem for us girls. Often slacks, dresses, and blazers have no pockets, or worse, “fake” pockets that serve no utilitarian purpose besides sartorially leading the wearer on to believe they have a handy wardrobe aide, until it’s too late.

Choosing the right clothes

Designed, manufactured and successfully trialled by Jude. They come in three useful sizes:

Small – holds 2 or 3 tampons without wrecking the slimline clothes that you are wearing stylishly around the office, can be discreetly hidden in your clothing where it will not be visible to anyone. These fabulous little pockets are also as secure as Fort Knox, well – nearly – there certainly won’t be any unintended and inopportune loss of cargo, even when standing on your head.

Medium – Also small, also secure. Big enough to hold keys – so go for a walk and save having to tie them to your shoe lace, or hide in a fake stone while the neighbours or worse – their kids watch you. Take your credit card – have a coffee – or go to the pub – no risk of losing your wallet because you can leave it at home.

Large – Lets face it, what’s the use of having a mobile phone if you can’t keep it with you all the time. This pocket fits your phone into it so whether you’re doing stuff around the house or garden or you’re out and about you can keep your phone close and never miss those important calls and messages, and never have your phone fall in the toilet again.

Stuck for a gift? Pop a pocket into: a Christmas cracker, a gift card, add to a small box of chocolates – opportunities just keep coming.